The interview and hiring process differs for each of the employers on Jobup. The average time to hire after an initial interview is 10 days, and the average time to hire is 7days after an initial interview. 

However, Building your resume with Jobup will 75% improve your profile visibility and increase your chances of getting hired.

If you are interested in remote jobs, there are actually 2 ways on Jobup that allow you to sort and find all the remote jobs. You can either sort by companies hiring remotely or select the job by type to sort all the remote job postings.

By simply joining Jobup’s channels on Viber and Telegram, you can stay updated and notified for each time an employer or a company creates a new job posting in your selected categories.

YES! In order to be able to apply for jobs, create your JobUp profile / Sign up on JobUp for free and get started immediately. 

We are working on several referral programs where you can get special discounts for referring a business partner or a company. Contact us now for more information.

In a few simple steps, you can upload your resume or build one on Jobup and start applying immediately for Full-time or remote job positions.

This option will allow you to pay for each candidate you want to interview. That being said, let’s say you posted a job, and 30 people applied. But, you don’t want to interview all of them. You only want to pick the ones that are relevant to you. Once you choose, each interview/per person will cost 1500 AMD. 

This is a new cost-effective method where you get to pay only to the applicants you are planning to interview.

JobUp allows you to link your company’s location on your JobUp profile, to use this option, enter your address in the search box at Google Maps. Then click on the Search Maps icon and then the link icon in the panel to the left of the map. Finally, select the HTML option and you are good to go.

Unlike other hiring platforms, Jobup offers different flexible packages. For instance, we offer a special pay per interview package, where you can post a job for free and only pay for the applicants you’re planning to interview.

We accept two different payment methods. You can always ask for an issued invoice to pay by bank transfer or you can use any online payment method.

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