About the Company

Aragil means Stork in the Armenian language. A bird that has no claims, but always selects the highest and best places to build its nest. In all the stories and legends that we have heard, Aragil has always been a messenger. Today Aragil is proud to announce and offer the most modern and professional approaches of marketing and online advertising.

Aragil’s team of specialists are from diverse regions in the diaspora, who have repatriated to their homeland, Armenia. Each one of them brings with him/her different modern work methodologies and knows how to use existing potential resources and privileges in different countries for their projects’ growth and improvements. Aragil is in touch with the world’s major companies and brands and stands beside them as a consultant in internet marketing and helps them fly higher over the virtual world and find the best nest in this field.

Our work in the industry has demonstrated significant achievement and garnered lasting results, and we hope to provide you with outstanding Digital Marketing services.

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Nalbandyan 96/7, Yerevan 0010, Armenia