About the Company

Call us nostalgic, but at Pinngle, we believe communicating should be about the people. That’s why our team of multinationals created a free messaging app that puts people first. Pinngle is striving for a better-connected world by making the highest standards of quality, reliability, and privacy accessible to everyone.

Our focus on quality and security shines through in our design. We’ve mastered the art of call quality to make your calls clearer than ever. Working even in places with poor internet connections, and able to overcome any country’s attempt to block it, Pinngle is accessible to everyone. Best of all, we never sell or store your information - our data encryption and serverless architecture protect user data from ever being accessed by third parties (including Pinngle).

It’s time we make communication about the people again. Communication is not a product, it is essential to all life. It can unite us to transform our communities and our world. Nothing should be able to get between that. No third parties, no political affairs, and no hidden monetization plans.

Let’s change the way we connect.

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Nalbandyan 96/7, Yerevan 0010, Armenia