JobUp Uses University Distribution: 4 Advantages to Boost Your Hiring Process

JobUp Uses University Distribution: 4 Advantages to Boost Your Hiring Process

What is university distribution and how to use it for sourcing and recruiting qualified candidates for your business? 

University Distribution is a service offered by job platforms allowing you to make your job posts more visible among potential candidates from University graduates of your choice. And by University Distribution we don’t simply mean targeting Fresh Graduates and Students, but also Alumni networks. All of this is available to our clients by just a few clicks after writing a job ad. You can choose from the list of our Educational Institution connections depending on who exactly is your target group for the specific position.

Now you might be wondering, why should I care? 


What are the advantages of a job platform providing University Distribution?

 1. Reach out to more potentially qualified candidates

If you read in your to-do list “publish a job post for X position” and think of pressing the Publish button as your final step, we need to talk. 

For getting the best results from your job ad, you will need to approach this task more strategically. Before publishing you should ask yourself what is the profile that you are looking for. Once you have that [Realistic] Dream Candidate profile, this is when the University Distribution comes in handy. 

By specifying to which University networks you want to promote your job publication on Jobup, you will have access to a targeted talent pool. This will bring you a much wider choice of suitable applicants tailored to the needs of your business (company). 

 2. Access to University Alumni Networks

Often when hearing about University Distribution, recruiters think only about Fresh Graduates with a lack of working background, which leads to the endless debate of “chicken or the egg”. Everyone prefers candidates with some experience over inexperienced ones. 

However, University Graduates don’t always stay Fresh. They work and gain experience, create networks, and stay connected with their former peers. Yes, we are talking about University Alumni networks, access to which also comes with the University Distribution service offered by Jobup.

If you are looking for a profile with relevant experience and a degree, this is one of the best options for you. Maybe they might not have the best up-to-date information on the latest topics in their field, but they have hands-on experience, which is usually more valued, and a network you can benefit from.

3. Save time and costs of recruitment

There are companies that are spending so much time on establishing connections with universities to source talents from them. It makes sense if you own let’s say a company offering translation services, the translator is the only type of position you will ever need [even if this is true, how can you be so sure] and there is only a single university offering graduates with the relevant degree. 

In any other situation [welcome to real life!] your company will need to fill in positions having different profiles, and there are more than one university offering candidates with those skills. Unless you are ready to spend time and money on communicating and establishing warm contacts at all of those universities you might, or might not need in the future, it can be a better idea for your business to use the University Distribution service provided by our platform. 

Instead of financing and organizing modern crusades to hunt down the applicants with the best potential, just open your Jobup company profile, write the job description and choose the Universities you want to target from our list with a few steps.

 4. Get ahead of your competitors

 We all have our competitors, it’s a love-hate relationship since without them we wouldn’t strive for the best. When it comes to recruitment, it is natural that to be the best in the field, you need to hire candidates accordingly. To do this, you will need to constantly be armed with the most up-to-date information and the best practices, always offer better work conditions to the right target group, so they choose YOU instead of your competition.

While they are still practicing “the standard” ways of attracting potential applicants, with the University Distribution service you will be one step ahead of your competitors and one step nearer to finding relevant candidates to fill in that position and grow your business even further.


Let’s sum this up!


Therefore, you should consider using this tactic to excel your recruitment strategies and gain all the advantages from the University Distribution service provided by Jobup. You can reach a broader targeted audience be it Recent Grads or Alumni, improve your employer branding, save time and money and beat your competitors in this game. However, for the last one, you will need to act fast since there is nothing keeping them from reading this very blog post. We can’t go without mentioning that our “pay-per interview” method compliments this strategy like cheese on your pizza. To get more insight in this topic read our article about Pay Per Interview VS Pay Per Announcement. 

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