Jobup: Viber Bots Targeting Audience

Jobup: Viber Bots Targeting Audience

What is a Viber Bot?

Viber bot is a piece of software incorporated in the Viber app that interacts directly with potential candidates.

How does it work?

When you click on the Viber Bot on our website, it redirects you to the Jobup chat box in the app itself. Here you can choose job categories, after which they appear in the subsection “My Categories”, which means that you will receive a notification as soon as there is a new job posting in that list.

Why is it helpful?

Future candidates get notifications about those job openings that they are particularly interested in. Meanwhile, employers have the opportunity to target their audience even more. 

Sounds good? 

Don’t hesitate! Try our Viber Bot right now. 

Your future job is just 3 taps away. 

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