Linkedin Saga: War For talents

Linkedin Saga:  War For talents

Whether you are new to recruitment or have been working in the industry for the last 20 years, you have heard about the [Linkedin] War for Talents. But what does War for Talents exactly mean? Where did it come from and where is it going? All the answers are in this blog post.

History Behind the War for Talents

Once upon a time… 

It was after World War II when people came back from war and started to settle down. The population has decreased substantially and the demand for workers was rising. As a result, the birth rates went up and a new generation was born to be known as Baby Boomers.

We know that every generation has its own problems. Some 20+ years later for Baby Boomers, the problem was the lack of job opportunities. Accordingly, the unemployment rate was rising, leaving many people at the edge of poverty. The situation changed over time, the economy started growing, so the demand was created and the Boomers were saved.

Now, this trilogy ends with the vast technological advancement and birth rates going down, plus Baby Boomers not wanting to retire when they could. 

Welcome to the world, Millennials and Gen Z! 

Now, you might be wondering, what on earth has this to do with recruitment problems. Well, under those circumstances, we ended up with a big shortage of industry professionals that have both the experience and all the necessary hard and soft skills to thrive at their work. On top of that, because of technological advancement, companies are changing their candidate requirements faster than ever.

War for Talent: LinkedIn Era

Living in the world of social media, AI, the best software a human brain can think of, mere recruitment of the demanded candidates shouldn’t have been a problem. However, whatever is supposed to help you, can also drag you down, in case you leave everything to automation, forgetting about the human factor in this important process. 

Many companies have already realized that in this world of HighTech, where everyone can use the latest hyper-advanced technologies, the company’s employees are the only way to stand out in the crowd. And their recruiters are always ready to go to war, to get the best talent possible, that normally stays in the job market for only about 10 days.

Nowadays, it’s nowhere near easy, since everyone is using social media, job platforms, and professional social networks like LinkedIn or Xing, marketing campaigns in order to gain visibility among both active and passive job seekers. In addition to that, the finances spent on recruitment are growing like crazy. You can read more about How Much Does It Cost To Post A Job In Armenia in our previous blog post.

How to win the [Linkedin] War for Talent?


1. Employer Branding

For dum-dums: Employer Branding is the reputation of your company as an employer, or what your potential applicants and employees think of you. 

So, you might consider spending some money to strengthen the marketing around your Employer Branding instead of paying for ads for a while. Good branding will naturally draw candidates towards your company, and that is what you should aim for.

2. Look for Talents that fit your company culture

You need to accept the fact that the new and rising workforce: Millennials, care about your company culture more than Baby Boomers did. So, you need to get into their shoes and think like them. Be transparent and give a clear answer to their “Why should I work for you?” question. If you don’t know the answer is here


3. Remember about the big pool of Passive Job Seekers

Passive Job Seekers are people who are working at the moment but still might accept a good opportunity if approached. In this case, simply paying for a job ad on the platform won’t do wonders for you. You will need to work on achieving a better reach to this segment. One way of doing this is identifying Passive Job Seekers and sending them personalized messages (Emails, InMails, etc.).

4. Change your attitude about what do you actually need in a potential employee

The standard X years of experience in the industry is not relevant anymore. Motivation, learning abilities, and cultural fit are more important than the technical skills that can just be taught. We’ve covered these issues in our How to write a well-crafted job description for dummies article. 

5. If you can’t find the right talent, grow them

This is another effective method of finding the right people for the right job. If you concentrate on the Learning and Development of your employees, it will be easier for you to find candidates from within your company that will have the necessary skills, knowledge, and company integration when a new position opens up.

6. Stop looking for the king in the north

Those perfect professionals with 100+ years of experience, shining degrees, and industry knowledge might not stay in your company for very long. They are always looking for a better place. So, even if you hire them, they might quit as soon as they get a better offer.

7. Find out if you have Employee Retention problems

Employee Retention is the ability to keep your employees working within your company for a long time. 

If you are constantly hiring and firing candidates, you should find out the problem. In most cases, the problem is not the lack of professionals or motivation. The issue can be how you choose your candidates and how you treat them. Keep an eye on that.

8. Don’t be afraid of using new technologies in Recruitment

Integrate with technologies and new trends to reduce time and money-waste in recruitment and provide the candidates an easier and less time-consuming way of applying to open positions. For example, ATS and mobile recruitment can be quite handy in making smooth application processes for potential candidates. You can learn how Jobup is using Viber Bots to Target Audience in our recent article.

And we’re done with our strategies. Now you know what is happening in this war, why is it happening, and how to overcome this War for Talents. 

Additionally, if you are looking for some more help with targeting the right people and cutting down on recruitment costs, Jobup is here to help. 

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