How to overcome recruitment challenges ?

How to overcome recruitment challenges ?

Let’s talk about daily recruitment challenges. Has the recruitment industry really evolved in the last 2-3 decades? Is technology making the recruitment process more productive and efficient for both employees and job seekers? What about ethical hiring? Are employers following ethical practices while hiring? Are the time and money being spent on recruitment worth the investment? And finally, will there ever be solutions to overcome all these challenges in Armenia? Let’s find out! 

Want to keep up with technology? You MUST adapt! 

Let’s go back to the evolution of recruitment. We can all agree that the current recruitment methods are not the same as they were  2-3 decades ago. Before, people would read the newspapers to find a job, and HR managers lived on the phone, received paper resumes, and cold calling was actually effective. Then came the internet era and things started to change drastically. Today, we’ve got thousands of recruitment websites that help both employees to land their dream jobs, and recruiters to hire the right applicant. Although the internet helped shape the recruitment industry, the hiring process in most companies is still slow. But many new technologies and different innovative ideas are emerging every year to help change the recruitment industry for the better. For instance, here at Jobup, we came up with the idea of “pay per interview” to make the hiring process a lot more efficient and productive for both job seekers and employers. In order to keep up with technology, we must adapt with it to achieve better results and move forward. 

Bias and blind recruitment still exist

Studies show that recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume! This means, as an employee, you need to know exactly what points to include to get yourself hired instantly. But you must keep in mind that your CV should be based only on your professional experience, accomplishments, skills, and strengths. 

As an employer, you should focus on hiring employees with the right qualifications. However, unfortunately, blind recruitment is something that happens very often not just in Armenia but in every other country too. Additional information such as age, gender, and race are just factors that should be unrelated to role fit. Here at Jobup, we follow and value the codes of ethics when recruiting. Bias factors are things we exclude and condemn in our platform. Building your resume here on Jobup is focused on the employee’s professional accomplishments rather than unnecessary biased factors.

Recruitment costs - money and time being wasted in vain

A huge amount of money is being spent on recruitment, and a couple more have been lost in income and efficiency. You might think in order to bring in the best talent to your business, it should come at a certain price, right?  But this shouldn’t be the case. Did you know? An average of 250 CVs are received for each job position? And only one out of 250 CVs can be successful! If you come to think of it, unnecessary amounts of money and time are being spent in vain over one job posting, which is why we came up with the idea of “pay per interview” a new cost-effective way where you’ll be able to quickly scan through the applications and pay only the ones you are planning to interview.  

Fulfill the user’s needs 

When a user visits your recruitment website, it takes 3 to 5 seconds to decide whether they want to continue browsing or close the tab and leave. This is how important it is to implement a strong UX design. Complicated and poor user experience will negatively affect job applicants. Moreover, the problem with today’s recruitment websites, they don’t incorporate UX design principles properly. A good recruitment website has to fulfill the user’s needs. Here at Jobup, our website is centered on user experience, meaning it is user-friendly, compelling, and easy to access and navigate. We have designed Jobup with an easy to use interface, in a way that anyone can use it, not just HRs but also CEOs, non-tech companies, restaurant owners or even small - medium-sized companies that don’t have recruiters.

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, HR specialists or employers encounter a variety of different problems and face many challenges while hiring. Bad hires indeed can cost a lot of money and take a lot of your time. Employers are expected to act faster to secure the best hires -- and that is why we created Jobup to make your hiring and interviewing experience a lot faster with our all-in-one smart recruitment platform. 

Make the right hires via Jobup now through our pay per interview method or if you are an employee simply create a profile, apply for the job you want, then let companies reach out to you. Hiring the right people for the right job shouldn’t be a challenge!

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