How Much Does it Cost to Post a Job in Armenia?

How Much Does it Cost to Post a Job in Armenia?

Years ago, recruiters posted job vacancies on classified newspaper ads or received mailed-in resumes directly to their companies. Today, the rise of the internet revolutionized the recruitment industry. As technology continues to advance, recruiters now have a wide selection of platforms to find their right hires. However, most of these recruitment platforms ask for a huge amount of money for a single job post. Continue reading this article as we will discuss the popular recruitment platforms in Armenia and how much each charges for a single job post.


Linkedin is by far the world’s largest professional career networking platform online. Although LinkedIn is more of social networking focused on career development than a recruitment platform, it also allows you to post job vacancies. However, posting a job on LinkedIn is pretty expensive. A single job post costs $495 for a 30-day listing. Yes, you read that right, 495$. If you come to think of it, this is a huge amount of money for the Armenian market. Not all companies in Armenia such as small/medium enterprises can afford to post jobs on Linkedin. Only large enterprise companies may use LinkedIn for hiring. In fact, in Armenia, LinkedIn is more likely used by HRs to headhunt employees rather than posting job vacancies. However, they do post job opportunities but as status updates for free and eventually rely on the network.


Facebook now allows business accounts to post and announce job openings on its platform. Since most of your potential hires are most probably on social media, therefore, Facebook indeed will serve as a great place to post job vacancies. Although posting a job opening on Facebook is free of charge, to reach a wider audience you need to boost your post through paid advertising. Again, just like LinkedIn, Facebook ads are expensive. Of course, the costs vary based on many factors such as the size of your target audience, and how long you would like to run a job advertisement. However, if you don’t spend enough money and set the right metrics, your job announcement on Facebook might just go in vain or might not reach anyone of value and quality.


Glassdoor’s main function is to allow current and former employees to anonymously review companies. It also allows users to anonymously submit and view salaries as well as search and apply for jobs on its platform. Posting a job on Glassdoor starts from 249$ per job post up to 599$. Similar to Facebook, if you wish to reach a wider audience or more qualified candidates faster, you need to pay extra fees to sponsor your job postings. As the company suggests, sponsoring a post will get you 12x clicks, and 9x more apply starts than non-sponsored job posts. Even if you do not end up sponsoring your job vacancies, 249$ is a huge amount of money for a single job post in Armenia.

Recruitment Platforms in Armenia

Finally, let’s talk about the recruitment platforms in general that are targeted for the Armenian market. The first digital recruitment website in Armenia started off with around 10,000 AMD per job post. Then gradually, more and more recruitment platforms emerged offering a bit higher price than the original one until it reached 20,000 AMD. As you can tell, in the past decade, many recruiting platforms emerged in Armenia specifically targeting the IT field. However, these recruiting platforms are only focusing on price reform rather than introducing new ideas or models that could revolutionize the recruitment industry in Armenia. That’s why here at JobUp, we came up with a completely new model that could certainly change the recruitment industry for the better.

Introducing “pay per interview” by Jobup. This new cost-effective model of recruiting will allow you to quickly scan through the applications and pay only for the applicants you are planning to interview. Instead of paying 20,000 AMD for a job post, you will be charged 1,500 AMD for each applicant you plan to interview. This model of recruiting not only will allow you to pay less than the usual price in Armenia but also will make your recruiting process a lot more efficient.

Why JobUp?

Armenia's IT sector is advancing day by day and we believe so should the recruitment industry. Why jobup? Simply because we are offering a revolutionary model for the Armenian recruitment market that will allow employers to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expenses.

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