About the Company

Who we are:

Expper Technologies is committed to creating a state-of-the-art innovation that aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry and change the way care is being delivered. By developing cutting-edge technologies, we positively impact people's lives from pediatric to elderly populations and beyond, provide a better experience for the patients and care providers, and improve the quality of care. We aspire to create new standards of care and make quality caregiving accessible to everyone worldwide.

Our culture:

We are a culturally diverse and competent team with an aligned mission solving complex challenges and putting extraordinary standards in our work to provide the highest benefits to our customers, team members, investors, and the broader communities we serve.

At our company, we prioritize trusting and respectful relationships and strive to create an intellectually stimulating and motivating environment for work. We encourage our employees to work independently to foster their creativity. We hold a People-First company culture, striving to contribute to our employees' personal and professional development, recognize their quality work, and reward their performance.

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Nalbandyan 96/7, Yerevan 0010, Armenia