Pay per Interview VS Pay per Announcement

Pay per Interview VS Pay per Announcement

Today if a company wants to post a job vacancy in Armenia, they either do it for free by sharing the job announcement on their social media pages or post on facebook recruitment groups. And in most cases, if they want to reach a wider audience, they either pay to sponsor or boost their job announcement on social media or simply post on recruitment websites. When posting on recruitment websites, most companies in Armenia use the pay per announcement method to post a single job vacancy. What if we tell you that there is a new model that could revolutionize the recruitment industry in Armenia?

Pay per interview is a new method that makes the hiring process a lot more efficient and productive for both job seekers and employers. Let’s first talk about pay per announcement and find out why pay per interview can be the best alternative in Armenia.

Most recruitment platforms in Armenia offer the pay per announcement method. It is the traditional job posting method that has been used in the past decade and is still common up until now. If you come to think of it, this method is no different than the traditional newspaper vacancy advertisements. In both methods, you’ll get to pay for a single job vacancy however, the only difference is, one is digitalized and the other is not.

* On a side note, there are also quite a few recruitment websites in Armenia that allow you to post job vacancies for free, however, their model is unsustainable and they do not have enough marketing budget to reach a wider audience.*

For most small-medium sized companies, pay per announcement might be costly. Today, most recruitment websites charge no less than 20,000 AMD for a single job post on the internet. Huge amount of money is being spent hence “wasted” on recruitment and for one job vacancy only. Moreover, some companies even post the same job vacancy on different recruitment websites just to increase the chances of hiring the right candidate.This method is already becoming impractical and inefficacious for most recruiters since many companies pay for posting the announcement but in return do not receive their desired outcome. As you can see, a lot of money is being spent in vain over a single job announcement that might not even guarantee a successful or good hire.

Here at jobup, we realized that there is definitely something going wrong with the hiring process in Armenia. Recruiters are wasting so much money let alone time, and as a result, they are unable to find the right talent. Therefore, we came up with the idea of pay per interview to make the lives of recruiters and employees a lot better.

What is pay per interview? Pay per interview is a new model that allows you to post a job announcement on for free and pay only for the applicants that you are planning to interview. The cost of each applicant is only 1,500 AMD.

Here’s how pay per interview works. Let’s say you post a job announcement on and 50 applicants apply for the vacant position but you do not want to interview all of them. You get to quickly scan through the applications and choose the ones that are relevant and perfectly match your job description requirements. Once you shortlist the applicants you are planning to interview, that’s when you, as a recruiter, pay 1,500 AMD for each interview.

To sum up, Jobup is reforming the recruitment industry in Armenia by offering a solution that is going to tackle major recruitment inefficiencies. We believe that pay per interview is going to be the new cost-effective hiring trend that will change the way people and companies perceive recruitment, and thus shape up a more efficient hiring system in Armenia.

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